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DISCOVER ASTONISHING LANDSCAPES WHILE WALKING IN TURKEY! Hiking the Lycian Way through Kayakoy and oludeniz

April and May 2018
September and October 2018

If you want your holiday to be about more than simply walking, Turkey is a good choice. As you would expect of a land bridging two continents, Turkey’s traditions and cuisine blend several cultures. Add to this the fascinating history and remarkable landscapes, and you have the ingredients for a varied and intriguing walking holiday along Turkey’s spectacular Lycian Coast. Our Lycian Way walking holiday, as popular as ever, follows  a section of the famous long-distance footpath of the same name. Although the walking is  sometimes demanding, there is still time to visit the churches and ancient ruins you pass along the way, a key element of  walking holiday in Turkey.
The tour guide Vedat is an experienced walker and leader.  His great interest is historical sites and his love respect, and knowledge of this glorious land lends itself to an amazing cultural holiday!
The accommodation at Kaya villas is authentic luxury with everything you need to make your stay comfortable.
Breakfast and dinner is served  in our cosy stone restaurant.
Breakfasts are buffet style and consist of (daily different option of eggs) cheeses, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, honey yoghurt, dried fruits etc.
Making a filling and nutrious start to your day!
Packed lunch is prepared for you along with fresh fruit.
Dinner is a 3 course delight with a soup starter, a meat or vegetarian main course served with rice and salad and dessert to follow.
The Turkish local home cooked food is a pure delight with fresh daily ingredients that will give your taste buds a thrill.

Equipment required

Walking Boots – firm soled and preferably with decent ankle support

Socks – Thin, anti-odour, quick drying.

Walking Poles – Light, strong, ergonomic design.

Rucksack Lightweight, mid volume, easy access – for carrying essentials

Basic First Aid Kit – bite cream, antihistamines, blister plasters, bandage, Ibuprofen

Any relevant Medicines
Skin Protection – Insect Repellant, UV protection, easy to carry.

Sun Hat – Wide brimmed for UV Protection,

Return Private Transfers included to and from Dalaman airport.
Transport for some occasions to and from walk areas.
5 full day guided walks.

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner inclusive ( one free day lunch and dinner not included)
For prices and availability please contact Suzanne at

[email protected]

The wooden floored and shaded yoga shala is set around the swimming pool and amid the beautiful green garden of Kaya Villas, with lovely mountain views.

For anyone wishing to practice yoga, enjoy wellness or just relax in a glorious historic Mediterranian village, Kaya Villas is the place you are looking for. We offer a daily program of yoga classes and meditation through out the season. The centre allows guests from outside to attend classes and workshops besides our guests. During the early and late season we are organising yoga retreats with experienced guest-teachers coming all around the world at this stunning location. All yoga classes are held on Kaya Villa’s authentic platform.

yoga retreats in Kayakoy Kaya Villas

Activities Around Kayakoy

You may enjoy all sortsof sea sports, jet ski’s, water skiing, banana boats and ringo’s along with parasailing in Ölüdeniz. If you think about Paragliding, you are lucky because it is a very popular place for paragliding and you may try this experience with professional paragliding services. Which makes your holiday more enjoyable.

There is one of the highest commercial take-off sites in the world – Babadag Mountain located near the Oludeniz beach which has a height of about 6500 ft (1960 m). Breathtaking panorama and stable weather conditions make launch site at Babadag Mountain the best in Europe. During the flight you will experience exciting 360 degrees turns, wingovers and even thermal flows that may extend the descent. Contrary to popular belief paragliding does not imply jump from the cliff but the several steps run to take off to the sky. Landing on the Oludeniz beach is as easy as taking off from Babadag Mountain – no rapid decline but just gentle touch down. All pilots are professionals with years of paragliding experience so the tandem flight with the pilot is completely safe. You are insured from the moment you get on the transport truck that will take you to the launch site to landing on the Oludeniz beach.

Enjoy breathtaking tandem paragliding flight with an experienced pilot. Fly along one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey – Oludeniz. Total airborne time is 30-40 minutes. You will have enough time to enjoy bird’s-eye views of stunning famous Blue Lagoon and gently land on the Oludeniz beach. Absolutely no experience is required to fly in tandem with pilot, all is under the control of professional and experienced pilot. Children under 6 years and adults with heart disease and weighing more than 115 kg are not allowed to fly. Each passenger is given a helmet and flight suit. To ensure complete safety our specialists are monitoring changes in the weather and wind direction twice – before transportation to the takeoff point and straight before takeoff. Transportation to the launch site takes about 50 minutes. For your convinience our paragliding flights are conducted 3 times a day.

Paragliding in Oludeniz Turkey
Paragliding Oludeniz Turkey
scuba diving in Fethiye Oludeniz Turkey
The crystal clear water along the shores of Fethiye is ideal for underwater diving which is one of the fast-developing and most enjoyable type of sports. There are no detrimental conditions along the long coastline makes it possible to be trained in this field with ease and in safety. The experienced diving centres in the region organize large-scale courses for beginners and experienced divers day and night, based on PADI, CMAS and BSAC methods. Twenty diving points are selected for experienced divers where there are shallow rocks, impressive caves, walls and tunnels. Furthermore, archaeological diving is also possible to observe some amphora from 334 B.C. when Alexander the Great conquered Asia.
It is a wonderful chance for those wishing to enjoy the astounding panorama of the region. The tours of jeep safari provide the opportunity to get covered with dust and play in the mud like kids, to dive into the water, taste local food, get familiar with the village culture, discover the historical sites and more. Jeep safaris organized by the travel agencies in Fethiye offer various alternative routes. You can join a tour of the Kaya Village, the Valley of Butterflies and Kabak or Tlos, Yakapark, Saklıkent and Patara. If you are interested only history, you can participate in a tour to such antique cities as Letoon, Patarai Sidyma and Xanthos.
jeep safari around Fethiye Turkey
Yassica islands during 12 islands boat tour in Fethiye Turkey
Daily Boat trips Fethiye
The best activity on a holiday is to take a boat and cruise trough different spots and islands of the area if you are in Mediterranean. Turkey has lots of beauty and treasures but there are more to be discovered and seen only by the sea. We have beautiful beaches, clear turquoise waters and every single spot of the coast line is full of history!
One of the best daily boat tour in Fethiye is the 12 Islands Daily Boat Tour. Your day will start with pick-up from your resort and a short drive to Fethiye harbour. As soon as all the customers welcome on board, our well trained, smiley faced staff will get ready to leave the harbour with your comfortable sail motor boat which is a traditional wooden gullet boat with engine and mast to sail.
Sunshine and turquoise waters of Fethiye is waiting for you. Take your place on the deck and relax all the day with stunning Fethiye view.
There will be different islands on the trip and our captain will stop on a few of them for swim and lunch break. Some of the islands can be seen only from boat. But we stop in the best of them!
If you want to relax and unwind this is the best choice for you. Lay down on the deck under the Mediterranean sun, listen to the whistle of the wind and have a fresh cooked meal on the deck. And a surprise! You may see some special spots that Cleopatra has visited before you!

A chill-out day and have some fresh air. Horse back riding is fun full activity in the ancient city of Ghost town (Kaya village) where you can feel the fresh air and pine spirits. Travel on the forest paths and enjoy the scenery of the area.

Horse Riding! A great trip on the mountain paths, country roads.

You don’t have to know how to ride a horse. You will tour as a group with operators and they will teach you everything. For young visitors there are suitable horses. Get into the forest and feel relaxed. If you feel hungry after the fresh air and forest there will be Turkish snack waiting for you.
Joyful experience for all your family. Don’t forget to wear trousers and shoes and a hat might be usefull under sunshine.

Fethiye Kaya Village Horse Riding